Professional Beauty Writer

When you're lost for words and don't have the time to find them. Let me be your voice.

Hi, I'm Julie!

I'm a skin therapist with over 20 years experience in the beauty industry.
In that time I've worked with some of the best cosmeceutical skin care brands in Australia.

And now, I'm here to help you. To help you and your company's own unique voice.

How can I help?

Finding the right words and language that expresses who you and your business are about can be difficult and time consuming.

You know what you want to say, but committing it to the written word is no easy task.

Let me help you find the right words.

Do you need it?

You may be thinking good writing is not that important. After all who's really got time to read anything anymore.

That being true, it could be the very reason why your words need to attract attention and fast.

Don't let your writing or lack of it be the reason why your business and website just doesn't attract attention.

Why you need it?

Regardless of whether your beauty business has a shop front, your website is often now one of the first places potential new customers visit.

It is now your first impression. Where you will either win your client over and assist them in taking action or they'll move on.

Mere moments can pass before what could have been a new customer disappears into the ether of the internet. Kaput, never to return.

Is it really

Worried the horror stories you've heard might be true? It's your precious skin after all; you're wise to be cautious.

Always leave
it to a Pro!

No need to worry, when administered by a fully trained and experienced skin care professional the results can be AMAZING!

I'm coming
to you!

You'd love a peel, but who wants to leave the salon red-faced? Why leave home at all, this beauty clinic's coming to YOU!

Where to start?

First up, click on the ENQUIRE NOW button
and leave your details and a short message about your business.

I'll then send you a questionnaire for you to outline your business in more detail
and develop a profile of your perfect customer.

Understanding your business and developing a succinct customer avatar will allow us to develop the words and language that speaks directly to the customer you want to attract.

From here we can book a time for a one on one phone consultation and a full beauty audit to determine the best way forward.

What's on offer?

  1. Website Content Creation
  2. Monthly Newsletter
  3. Blog articles and updates
  4. Print Media
  5. Service Menu and Brochure


Beauty Audit


A beauty diagnosis of a different kind. An audit and recommendations to make your business voice sing.

Single Session


Regular writing on-the-go, as you need it. Single sales pages, blog entries, newsletter copy.

The Works


A content strategy plan, which includes your website sales pages, 4 blog entries and your printed service menu.

Let's get serious!

The best results come from a committed approach.

Regular professional writing will make a huge difference to your business
Igniting customers to take action
So, why not book a consultation!
You'll finally find the words you need to engage and and get the results you've been hoping for.

Let's get started!

Like most things in life the key to success is preparation.

Whether your just starting out or you've been in business for a while, it makes no difference. What matters is getting noticed.

Something you should know about my writing. I write from expereince. I've been in the beauty business for a very long time.

I've worked as a therapist, I've managed and trained beauty professionals and I've been writing my own blog as well as contributing to online publications.

Sometimes, a skincare professional with a ton of industry experience helps, right?